Digital Mock-up

Get yourself a digital preview!

I understand it is not the easiest thing to do, imagining what a wallpaper design would look like on your walls. Estimating if it will fit you and your style and, most importantly, how large that pattern actually is.
I can help you with this! The least I could do, appart from providing you with samples, is create a digital representation of your room wearing one of my pretty patterns.
I will mount my wallpaper to your walls, using digital glue! Just to give you an impression.

What a great solution! I'd love to purchase a digital mock-up.

Sounds interesting? Let's get to work!
This is what I need from you:

An image to begin with Take an overview picture of your room. Use the most neutral and natural light you have at hand.
A point of reference Let me know what the sizes of a certain object or piece of furniture in your photo are. I will match the size of the pattern with those measurements.
Your prefered dessin Let me know which of my designs you would like to try on.
The colour you had in mind This can be one of the combinations I already dreamed up. But if you were thinking about a bespoke colour, I be happy to use that! I'll contact you about the specific colour.

Digital Product

We'll do this entirely digitally. The final product is a manipulated .jpg file of your room with my wallpaper design mounted on your walls. This will give you a good impression of what your room would look like when wallpapered and might help you decide on a certain pattern or colour.


Although this digital manipulation will provide you with a good impression. I'd still advice you to order a sample pack. This way you will also know what the quality of the paper is and, most importantly, the actual colour of the print.

Colour Advice

If you want me to, I'd be happy to hold some colour combinations against you. Something you might not have come up with. Since I have masked out your furniture anyway, it's easy for me to provide you with, say, three different colour suggestions. I'm already excited to open your eyes!