(Nederlands) behang

Base Camp
Pond Canopy
Aerial PH-3B8


Each design starts with a sketch. Drawn in a grid to help me visualize how this design should repeat.

The sketch mostly turns out to be the actual design when it's traced with a fineliner, scanned and fine-tuned in Photoshop.


When the pattern is right. Twisted, turned and scaled to a suitable size, I am ready to prepare my screens.

I do this at Atelier Indrukwekkend in Delft. A nice place where I can work the machines myself.
I rinse, prepare, illuminate, rinse again and finally dry my silkscreens.
Carefully packed, I carry them back to my studio to start printing.

Mixing Colour

Dreaming up a colour scheme for each design can be a tedious task!
I aim for three different combinations per design and make sure their hue's match with a world wide colour system. The PMS system mostly.

I use acrylic paint for printing and keep a journal with mixing recipies to make sure my mixtures are reproducable.


Since every design has its own repeat and ended up not entirely level on the screen, I spend a lot of time measuring and aligning the design with the paper.
It's very rewarding to finnaly have a print that matches perfectly.


When everything is prepared. When I have tied my apron in place and ushered all the cats to a safe distance, I can finally grab my squeegy and start printing.

My designs usualy measure 52 cm. wide x 21 cm. high. This means for a roll of 10 metres I am lifting the screen about 48 times.
I sincerely love this. Creating applied arts with craft.