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Of course you want to feel, smell (smells delicious, no stinky inks) and see the actual wallpaper before you order great lengths.

I have assembled A5 size packs with the designs of your choice in their three different colour combinations and I'd be happy to ship them to you!

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A neatly assembled pack that contains one of my six designs in all three of their colours.
The pack is an A5 size.

The sample pack has an overview of all the colours used for the dessin of your choice, accurately painted on wallpaper chips to give you an exact impression of how it looks, what its paper-quality is how bright the colour actually are (‘bright pink’ is quite fluorescent for example) and how my printing skills turn out to be…

I’d certainly advice you to order a sample pack before ordering lengths of wallpaper, just to hold the real thing in your hands.

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Aerial HA-3B8 (clouds), Base Camp (tents), Lemon Orchard, Pond Canopy (water lillies), Travelers (geese), Welcome Sprouts (plants)


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