Colour Management

When you order a sample pack you will see that it comes with a selection of 20 colours.
Of course there are hundreds of other colour combinations possible. Combinations that might match your interior plans much better. That’s why I’m happy to mix a bespoke colour for you.

Colour management, however, is a profession on its own. It requires an excellent eye, some concentration and a good recipe journal. These things I can offer! And if you help me a bit in the mixing process we’ll have a match at once.
Let me introduce you to colour in theory. Don’t worry, it will be very brief and open your eyes!

I’m sure you have experienced once how a colour on your computer screen or tablet didn’t match the way you printed it. Actually it didn’t match at all! Here’s how that works.
All colour around us is bundled into white light. It consists of long, medium and short waves, as known as red, green and blue. When you beam this bundle of white light through a prism you can see how it breaks into those separate waves and the colours we can perceive.
There are two very important ways of perceiving this light. Colour that is indeed light and colour that is light reflected onto something.
Colour as light are computer screens, neon-signs, tv-screens, fairy lights, anything that is a source of light itself. A coloured object, in red for example, has the ability to absorb the green and blue waves and reflect only the red (long) wave into our eyes.

Your print-out (and my wallpaper) produces reflected light, the computer screen is the light itself. That’s why it will never match properly.
That's also why I won't be able to mix a colour from my computer-screen.

So this is where you come in. You can help me a great deal if you provide a nice physical sample of the colour you need. One that I can hold in proper daylight and let it reflect its colour.
In the sample pack I have included an envelope, which you can use to ship your sample to me. This sample can be anything, a piece of fabric, a paint-chip from a DIY centre, it might be a postcard or a map. As long as it’s the exact colour you need.
One thing to keep in mind while scouting for a sample is that the wallpaper and my inks are matte and uncoated. Glossy colours appear to be more vivid so matching with a glossy sample will be almost impossible.

Now there might actually be ways to prevent you from shipping something physically. There are colour matching systems that are used worldwide. One of them is the Pantone Matching System (pms). I am the proud owner of a Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated fan and the Pastels and Neons Collection so if you can point out your colour in that collection we have skipped a step! I can also cycle to a place where you’re colour might be living. How about an Ikea store for example? Or I could get a sample from a DIY centre that uses the same system as yours does. Just let me know where I might find it and I’ll turn every stone to get it!

Once this sample is sitting in my daylight I will mix my acrylic ink until I have found a match. Not only as glistering ink in a cup but also painted on the wallpaper (which is slightly off-white) and properly dried up. I’ll have to alter the recipe a couple of times to get it absolutely right and when it’s perfect I will proudly present this sample to you.
This means you will receive the actual sample in the post for you to hold in your daylight, review it and confirm that it is indeed the colour you need.
After this process I will start printing your very own lengths of bespoke wallpaper and add your colour recipe to my journal to make re-orders easy and ready to go.

Since colour management is a profession on it’s own and I sincerely want to have enough time to make it right for you I will charge €24,99 for this sample-matching process.
This fee will turn into a discount once you place your order for wallpaper.

I'd love to match your wallpaper with the curtains!